1875 Voyage of the Ship "Daylight" to Western Australia

Presented here is a list of "selected emigrants" and a list of "nominated emigrants" who departed London, England on Thursday 27 May 1875 arriving in Fremantle, Western Australia on 28 August 1875 and some background and other information on the ship and voyage.


In September 1874 the Legislative Council of Western Australia decided to sponsor immigration in order to overcome the shortage of labour. A Stipendiary Magistrate, E. H. Laurence, was on long service leave in England at the time and advantage was taken of this fact to appoint him a temporary immigration agent. Laurence was supplied with a list of 220 people nominated by friends in the colony and a list of applicants requiring labour. He was authorised to charter a ship to convey 400 migrants and to make arrangements for later consignments.

He hired premises in London, communicated with the nominated individuals and several agents of the Emigration Board. He also went out to the country, addressing meetings and distributing handbills amongst friends and working men's clubs. The task was far from easy as recent similar efforts on behalf of Queensland and New Zealand had drained the numbers of potential migrants. He therefore decided to aim for his quota of migrants by sending them in installments.

The first group of 141 migrants sailed on the Lady Elizabeth from Gravesend on 9th March 1875 with his younger brother , the Reverend Henry Laurence, who had been offered the Geraldton parish, taking passage as ship's chaplain.

The second group left England in May aboard the Daylight bringing another 160 people including EH Laurence. Although he was still below his quota, he had organised with ship owners to take further groups on subsequent voyages. The captain of the Daylight was Captain Bush.

I have found four references to this voyage of the Daylight in the JS Battye Library, LISWA, Perth, Western Australia. The first two are articles published in The Royal Western Australian Historical Society Early Days Journal:

These give a general background, as indicated above, and some details of the the journey including a list of rations for weekly consumption. Robert Lind was also a passenger on the Daylight.

The third reference is a transcript of the Diary of John Turton, also a passenger. These are sparse diary entries written before, during and after the voyage.

Most of the details of the ship's journey can be found here and a brief summary of general happenings is below. There are of course more personal recordings including the death of one of Turton's sons.

Instructions were provided to passengers."Emigrants must provide their own outfit: Smallest quantity for males over 12: 6 shirts; 6 pair stockings; 2 warm flannel shirts; 2 pairs of good boots or shoes; 2 complete suits of strong exterior clothing; 4 towels; 2 lbs of best yellow soap."

On the journey there were 2 births and 5 deaths: A child born the previous day; a child of 2 years 10 months ("constipation of the bowels"), a 9 year old boy ("brain fever"); a 44 year old man ("asthma" - but was 'far gone before he came on the ship'); and a sailor of about 26, injured whilst steering the ship in rough weather.

Generally the passengers were satisfied with the comfort and food supplied.

Other Information

Does anyone know if these pictures are really this Daylight?

Picture 1
Picture 2

I cannot confirm that it is the right one, though the year of launch matches (1875) if this voyage was its maiden voyage. I have a note from a newspaper film archive that the Daylight was an "A1 Clipper Barque" and the description from the above photos is "Four masted barque".

The one pictured sank in San Francisco Bay.

Passenger List

The fourth reference is a newspaper article listing the arriving passengers.

From this list, I obtained the birth year and occupation at the time of my great grandfather, Benjamin George Henry COX.

I transcribed the whole passenger list and published it here, with the information above, as my little way to give something back to the genealogy community in general after receiving some generous offers of help and information towards my family history research from a number people on the net. If this information here only helps one person, I'll be happy. Please let me know if you find it useful.

Selected Emigrants
Family Name Given Name(s) Age Sing/Marr Occupation Notes
GILES George 22 Single Farm Labourer  
SHANDY Francis 25 Single Farm Labourer  
NARRIE Allan 25 Single Farm Labourer  
NARRIE Thomas 20 Single Farm Labourer  
MORGAN Henry 32 Single Farm Labourer  
PRICKETT George Edward 18 Single Farm Labourer  
COX Benjamin 19 Single Farm Labourer Benjamin COX page
WEEKS Walter 27 Married Farm Labourer  
WEEKS Elizabeth 24 Married    
WEEKS Margaret 4    
MORGAN John 24 Married Farm Labourer  
MORGAN Angelina 26 Married    
HONXWELL John 39 Married Farm Labourer #,  @, @
Reportedly this name
is mis-spelt and should
It appears from FreeBMD
that "Francis" should
be "Frances"
HONXWELL Elizabeth 40 Married  
HONXWELL Mary 22  
HONXWELL Joseph 14  
HONXWELL Francis 7  
HONXWELL Isabella 3  
HONXWELL John 9m  
CUNNOLD Albert 32 Married Farm Labourer  
CUNNOLD Martha 28 Married    
CUNNOLD Martha Amelia 3    
CUNNOLD Oliver Albert 2    
CUNNOLD Arthur Locke 7m    
FITZGIBBON James 39 Married Farm Labourer  
FITZGIBBON Mary 37 Married    
FITZGIBBON Julia 16    
FITZGIBBON Mary 15    
FITZGIBBON John 13    
FITZGIBBON James 9    
FITZGIBBON Ellen 4    
FITZGIBBON Charlotte 1    
CATCHPOLE George 23 Married Labourer  
CATCHPOLE Mary Anne 22 Married    
CATCHPOLE George William 9m    
HAUNNERS John 22 Married Labourer
 @, @, @, @
Reportedly this name
is mis-spelt and should
HAUNNERS Annie 19 Married  
HAUNNERS Mary Anne 1  
JONES John 37 Married Labourer  
JONES Ann 37 Married    
JONES Mary 13    
JONES Margaret 12    
JONES David 7    
JONES William 5    
JONES Susannah 4m    
SANLAVILLE Marius 24 Married Labourer @
SANLAVILLE Emiline 18 Married   @
LIND Robert 27 Single Teamster **
MARK Samuel 19 Single Teamster  
DAVIES Joseph William 21 Single Teamster  
WINWOOD John 28 Married Teamster  
WINWOOD Ellen 22 Married    
WINWOOD Eliza 2    
WINWOOD Alice 4m    
FORREST Malcolm 19 Single Shepherd  
FITZROY Dufton 23 Single Shepherd  
SPIREY William Frederick 29 Single Labourer  
JONES Ellis 21 Single Labourer #
JONES William 20 Single Labourer #
ENGLAND Joseph Henry 20 Single Labourer  
HETHERINGTON Nathan 21 Single Labourer #
HETHERINGTON Joseph 23 Single Labourer #
BATTY Levi 44 Married Labourer  
BATTY Mary 40 Married   #
BATTY William 15    
BATTY George 13    
BATTY Charles 11    
BATTY Anne 11    
BATTY Harvey 9    
PEARSON Charles 30 Single Labourer  
MITCHELL Joshua 24 Single Labourer #
TIFFANNY Washington 22 Single Labourer  
EATCH William 24 Single Labourer  
BALAAM Benjamin 22 Single Labourer  
HEPWORTH John 36 Married Labourer #, @
Reportedly this family
returned to England by 1879
HEPWORTH Sarah 35 Married  
HEPWORTH Clara 15  
HEPWORTH Ernest 12  
HEPWORTH Herbert 7  
HEPWORTH Esther Hanna 4  
HEPWORTH Elizabeth 2  
HEPWORTH Raymond 9m  
BALAAM Benjamin 27 Married Labourer  
BALAAM Margaret 23 Married    
BALAAM Herbert 1    
MAYNS John 41 Married Engineer  
MAYNS Mary 41 Married    
MAYNS William 15    
MAYNS Anne 11    
MAYNS Rebecca 4    
MAYNS Frederick 9m    
TURNER John Henry 27 Married Farrier @
TURNER Elizabeth 30 Married   @
TURNER Arthur 10   @
TURNER Emily Elizabeth 4m   @
DAVY Benjamin 15 Single Miner  
DAVY Job 20 Single Miner  
TREDREW James 39 Married Miner #
TREDREW Ann 38 Married    
TREDREW Jas. Henry 16    
TREDREW John 13    
TREDREW William 9    
TREDREW Emily 6    
TREDREW Richard 4    
DAVY Joshua Batty 26 Married Miner #@
DAVY Mary Batty 23 Married   @
DAVY Wilfred Lawson Batty 2   @
TIPPINS Richard 22 Married Wheelwright  @,@ sailed to S.Aust 1876
TIPPINS Mary Anne 21 Married    @,@ died in Perth 1875
SPEAK Joseph 34 Married Turner And Brazier @,@
SPEAK Annie 34 Married    @,@
SPEAK Sarah Jane 7    @,@
SPEAK Herbert Edward 3    @,@
SPEAK Joseph 2    @,@
DONOHUE James 22 Single Shoemaker  
CHAPMAN George Barrow 28 Single Shoemaker  
COLLETT Robert 33 Married Shoemaker
COLLETT Elizabeth 33 Married  
COLLETT Robert Andrew 4  
COLLETT William 2  
KENNEDY Joseph 37 Married Shoemaker  
KENNEDY Mary Anne 37 Married    
HARGRAVE Owen 31 Married Shoemaker  
HARGRAVE Margaret 28 Married    
HARGRAVE Seth 5    
HARGRAVE Walter 3    
HARGRAVE Sarah Ann 1    
WRIGHT George Thomas 26 Single Miller #
KEYMER Israel 24 Single Miller  
MEANN Edward 33 Married Miller  
MEANN Mary 29 Married    
MEANN Edward 6    
MEANN Emily 4    
MEANN Ada 3    
MEANN Charles John 11m    
TURTON John 33 Married Miller *, @
TURTON Frances 24 Married   @
TURTON Samuel 12   @
TURTON John Henry 7   @ 
TURTON Arthur 4   @
TURTON Lilian 1   @
TER John Henry 23 Married Miller
Reportedly this name
is mis-spelt and should
be TEE.
TER Fanny 25 Married  
HIRST Walter 23 Single Wellsinker  
HUGHES John 27 Married Mason  
HUGHES Mary Ann 28 Married    
HUGHES James 4    
HUGHES Mary Ann 2    
HUGHES Marion 7m    
RILEY John 22 Married Timber Cutter  
RILEY Mary Ann 27 Married    
CUMMINS Ralph 33 Married Joiner  
CUMMINS Caroline 31 Married    
CUMMINS Annie 2    
RUSH J. R. 25 Married Barber
paid half passage
@ Reportedly this family is on the 1900 US census
RUSH Mary Alice Selby 20 Married  
RUSH James Selby 2  
JONES Charles 19 Single Gardener  
HUNT George 30 Married Gardener
HUNT Jane Eliza 22 Married  
HUNT George 1  
PROVEN James 31 Single Sawyer  
JACKSON Walter 35 Single Sawyer  
FARLEY Joseph 21 Married Tanner  
FARLEY Annie 19 Married    
GARDINER Charles 19 Single Tanner  
GARDINER Thomas 21 Married Tanner  
GARDINER Louisa 18 Married    
DAVIS Mary Anne 19 Single Domestic Servant  
MATTHEWS Harriet 25 Single Domestic Servant  
LOVELACE Elsie Elizabeth 32 Single Domestic Servant  
SMITH Elvira 19 Single Domestic Servant  
ROGERS Jane 18 Single Domestic Servant  
CANNON Mary 27 Single Domestic Servant  
NASH Louisa 20 Single Domestic Servant  
EVANS Annie 38 Single Domestic Servant  
EVANS Annie 13 Single Domestic Servant  
PEGDEN Henry 15 Single Farm Apprentice from Bisby Farm School
MAHONY Charles 16 Single Farm Apprentice  
WOODCOCK Robert 15   Farm Apprentice  
FARMER Charles 16 Single Farm Apprentice  
TAYLOR George 16 Single Farm Apprentice  
TOWLER Alfred 17 Single Farm Apprentice  
Nominated Emigrants
Family Name First Name(s) Age Sing/Marr Nominated By  
DOWNES Martin 24 Single M. Downes  
HOGAN John 30 Single P. Hogan  
GOODWIN Thomas 28 Single E. Goodwin  
REED Henry 28 Single F. Flynn  
SHENTON Mary Ann 18 Single Job. Shenton  


* See reference

** Marital status of Robert LIND listed in the paper is incorrect - he was married though travelled alone.

# "Immigrants not yet engaged" as published in West Australia Times on 17 September 1875 [film archives]

@ I have been contacted by people researching these names. If you are too I can put you in touch with each other.

Warren [warrenj@mac.com]
Perth, Western Australia
Originally published: April 2000

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