Woz’s Family Tree
Woz’s Family Tree
Warren Jones
Welcome to my Family Tree web site. Presented here are branches of the Jones and Cox families of Perth, Western Australia.

We have origins in Sussex (Jones, Hedger, Clowser, Moore, Combs, Morriss, Marshall, Coulton, Lockett, Bridger, May, Yalden, Chalcroft, Rowell, Lower and other families); Surrey (Hedger, Ellyot, Frogley, Dudman, Overington and other families); Suffolk (Brame family); Berkshire/Oxfordshire (Cox and other families); London (Knox & Lownds families), Hampshire (Knox family) & Northamptonshire/Lincolnshire (Sharman and Ayers families).

I wish to acknowledge a huge input to my research from Ivan and Heather Hedger whose tree overlaps with mine around 1800. All of the information presented here prior to that time along the Hedger branch is a result of their many years of excellent and exhaustive research going back along some branches to the 16th century. They have kindy and freely shared this information with me.

Thanks also to others who have helped significantly and/or shared their research: Malcolm Spinks (COX, Berkshire); Derek Miller (LOWER, Brighton, Sussex); Ray Cornford (CORNFORD, Sussex) & Pat Lower.

Thanks also to the many others that have helped me along the way.

This is my family tree as known at January 2021. If we overlap trees or you have any information you’d like to share, please email me.

I am happy to share freely but please note that use of this data is free for personal research only. Under no circumstances should any of this data be collected for any commercial use.